Let’s get Shadow Queen Daeris!


All the details are here on the new event: The Court of Queen Daeris!

If you are level 60+ and need a working strategy, check out this YouTube video courtesy of Serge Dubovsky. Make sure to give him a thumbs up if his video helped!

We can unlock Shadow Queen Daeris if 35 guild members complete both: Preliminary Games(E) and if  15 guild members complete The Court of Queen Daeris (VH).

I would love it if guild members left a reply here to advise if they have completed either of the above guild quests.


January 2016 Recruitment Update


As I write this update, January 2016 comes to a close and with that I wanted to provide you with a Recruitment update.

Max Level is in good health as we sit at 48/50 members.

Approximately 60% of our total membership is level 60+. Not too bad, and plenty of room for growth.

I have been removing about 4-5 inactive members per week and adding new active players. I am confident that in time our active membership will increase.

I will continue to update the roster and recruit new members that are eager to join Max Level.