Let’s get Shadow Queen Daeris!


All the details are here on the new event: The Court of Queen Daeris!

If you are level 60+ and need a working strategy, check out this YouTube video courtesy of Serge Dubovsky. Make sure to give him a thumbs up if his video helped!

We can unlock Shadow Queen Daeris if 35 guild members complete both: Preliminary Games(E) and if  15 guild members complete The Court of Queen Daeris (VH).

I would love it if guild members left a reply here to advise if they have completed either of the above guild quests.


Have you seen these yet?

Back last year, a Dungeon Boss player named Kynok on the forums collaborated with several others and started to create “Hero Cards”.

lady nimriel.png

Pretty cool, right? Kynok has been working on these for months now. You can click over to the forums thread if you want to see more Hero Cards.